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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
Correct, was disabled but contact list still went to Skype. Now Facebook will keep asking you to sync contacts on every startup and in settings the only option you have is to set to sync in order for it to stop asking you. Pretty much the same thing. Whether it be the sync option you first see when you log on or the option you see after when you go to settings is exactly the same with the same exact options. There is no such option as to not sync for good. If you choose to not to sync it will keep on popping back up hoping that one day you click on it by accident as the set option is set to sync when the screen first opens up and it will continue to pop up until it has been set to sync.

All these new popular applications these days such as Whatsapp,Facebook,Skype,Viber and the the rest all want to sync all your private contacts in order to pretty much use their application. With apps like Whatsapp you pretty much can't use it unless you accept the contacts sync. The whatsapp application does not allow you to choose what to sync so you pretty much have to not have those contacts in your smartphone in order for them to not sync with their server.

As for the Skype messages, just try sending some text messages and some chat message on the computer and you will see that they will later pop up on your smartphone. If you uninstall the application whether it be on the Iphone or the Android based devices you will see that the chats and messages will reappear on your smartphone so they are being kept on their servers
there are like a billion apps for android and iphone. use a different one.
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