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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
I agree the new 3 will still be one of the most driver oriented family sport sedan out there. But its value to an enthusiast is less than before, while its design caters more for "what the market wants."
I'm making assumptions here, and I may be wrong, but it seems that from your perspective steering feel is what you are primarily equating to be "value to the enthusiast". I say this because if all the reviews are correct and the F30 ends up outperforming the E90 in handling prowess and power, then the only thing left on the 'driver oriented sport sedan' checklist would be steering feedback/feel. So the question is, would you consider the F30 a better value if it retained the same performance, power, and steering feedback of the E90 or do you consider a car with better performance, power, but less steering feedback to be the better value? This of course is subject to your personal preference...if you value steering feedback more than handling, then of course this car is of lesser value. If you're the type of person that values handling and power more, then the F30 is of greater value two you. If you consider both to be essentially of the same value, then the F30 is a wash, no better, but also of no less value than the E90.

I'm of the opinion that BMW knew that their goal of moving to electronic steering and a 4cyl would generate much complaint, and so they needed to compensate by giving the F30 a more rigid frame, better suspension and handling, and a 4cyl engine that is probably tuned better than they may have offered otherwise. To some that may seem like a good trade-off, to others the steering feedback is more of a loss than those gains. But the value to the enthusiasts depends on which side you considers more important. That's why I disagree with making a blanket statement that says the F30 is of lesser value to bmw enthusiasts.

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