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Originally Posted by 7or8 View Post
Fair enough . According to that definition of an enthusiast, your comments make complete sense.

For me personally, it's the performance alone that draws me to bmw. I can get pretty much anything else that bmw offers or has offered, outside of performance, in other brands for some time now. So, yes this would make them just like the rest..and so by your definition, no longer unique (by value of omission) then the others. For me though, it's only the performance (for the price point) that makes bmw standout. My definition of a bmw enthusiast is that then; someone who buys it for the performance it can give you that others brands cant. And the F30, with the exception of the electronic steering system, seems like it will fulfill my expectations/wants.
I'm the same. I always wanted a BMW 3 series because BMW has always made the best driver's car in this class. If Mercedes was the sport sedan of choice that's what I'd drive.
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