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I usually have guys throw around the words flat, matte, satin, and gloss around, and sometimes mixing up the differences in between each of those finishes. Each of those finishes are unique to itself. There is very minor overlap, but they are all very specific, if you're trying to achieve the exact/right look that you want or are going for.

This car is a Mazda, but I don't have very many pictures of satin black to use as examples, so this will have to do.

I had to dig through some older pictures of guys that bought the satin black vinyl material from me and that DIYed it themselves. Here is a Mazda that bought some satin black vinyl material from me to do his roof with. His roof spoiler is CF, and I think his trunk was carbon fiber as well. It'll give you guys a better idea of how the satin black is in comparison to those pieces. Similar to the 350z in the original post with the satin black roof, the owner of this Mazda DIYed the roof install on his car with my satin black vinyl material.

Satin black:

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