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Hi and welcome to the board. Most of us here are enthusiasts more than status seekers so our perspective may be skewed.

Xdrive is BMW's name for their full time four wheel drive system. The standard 328i is rear wheel drive. If you live in a warmer climate you will not need xdrive. It also adds weight and cost.

You can ask more about ED on this site's ED and Ask A Dealer forums. There's a considerable savings but you have to factor in the cost of a trip to Germany.

Leasing is a good alternative and will reduce your monthly payments vs a purchase. Then again you have no equity after the lease ends.

It's going to be difficult to get a 2012 328i for $350.00 month. As the car is a new model for 2012, it may be popular and discounts may be tough to get. You can reduce your monthly payment with a downpayment but we generally do not recommend this as once again you will not get this back at lease end. BMW changes their lease rates and other factors monthly. If you buy at the right time you may get a good interest rate (Money Factor) and residual (the higher the better).

A 328i should not be overly expensive to insure given you are not too young and have a good driving record.

My personal comments are: Yes a BMW is a prestigious car but I don't recommend buying any car just for the prestige. You should have enough self confidence that you don't need the recognition of others. Also, it doesn't make sense to stretch your budget in order to get a nice car. If you can only afford something like a RAV4, perhaps you should stay in that price range. I bought my 328i (2011 model) because I love the way it drives. It's pretty fast, it handles beautifully and is great fun to drive. I don't care what others think and in fact sometimes am self conscious of people making judgements of me based on my car.
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