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Originally Posted by sid369 View Post
Thanks for the responses. I want to clarify something so that you don't misunderstand my meaning. I am 31 and i have reached a point where I am ready to go from regular to luxury and for me if I buy a luxury car, I think of BMW and the status it has. I have no self confidence issue. I have not driven a BMW, so i can't say that I love the way it drives so I am buying it, I am sure once I test drive it that will be the biggest factor for buying a BMW.

Again, thanks for the responses, I live in Delaware, we get snow but only a few days a year so I guess I don't need the xdrive.

I will check with my insurance and find out how much premiums are.

Just wanted to get the feel of the leasing range, coz on tv you see $299 or $349 a month for the bmw lease and then you read that it costs a lost to lease a bmw $600- $700 so I though I would ask here from the people who lease it what has been their experience.

When i go to the dealer, and ask for numbers for the lease, is there anything particular that I need to keep in mind, can we negotiate on lease deals? how do you get around not paying a downpayment?
As others have said, if you can work off of invoice aim for $500-$1000 over that price. Keep in mind that invoice is about 92.5% of retail. When leasing the money factor (interest rate) and residual will determine the monthly payment based on your negotiated price. Also, you can put money down as security deposits which you get back at the end of the lease term. Do some research on MSD (multiple security deposits) that can lower the money factor and thus your monthly payments.

When you see these great lease rates on TV or in ads they require a large downpayment. Not worth it. Also, they may be low mile leases like 10K/year which most will exceed.

The Ask the Dealer forum here is good place to learn about these details.

By the way I lease a 2011 328i which retailed for under $37K and is pretty stripped with a minimal downpayment for 36 months in the mid $400.00 range. You can probably do a bit better but not much.

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