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I would bet that the problem is the Tele Atlas database, which replaced the excellent Navteq database when the CCC was replaced with the CIC. Which I find ironic as the cost of CIC map updates went up almost 100%. When my own personal experience tells me that BMW switched over to Tele Atlas just because it was a cheaper supplier.

I can see how cheaper it is compared with my 4-year old RNS-510 Nav OEM system in my VW CC that uses Navteq maps. Navteq include even tollbooths and controlled access communities in their data, something tha it is completely missing from my 2012 M3 iDrive.

Originally Posted by JSpira View Post
I've found quirks in all nav systems, not just BMW's, but the new database combined with the new nav software has consistently had trouble with common sense routing.

I've not made simultaneous side-by-side comparisons but given that I have the opportunity to drive a new and different car every week in addition to the BMW and MB, I have more of an opportunity to observe these things than most.

For example, from Bayside New York to Midtown Manhattan, the BMW wants the route to be via the Throgs Neck Bridge, across the Cross Bronx Expressway, and then down the FDR.

Not only would no one ever think of taking that (longer and more time-consuming) route but no other car (including CCC-based BMW nav systems with the older db) has proposed it as well.

In discussing this with BMW, the manager I spoke with suggested that it might be a combination of the db and the hardware. I haven't had time to really push this as I simply ignore silly routing when I am aware of it but it is there.

On the other hand, I've seen equally silly routings on other cars so it just may be a question of the technology still being far from perfect at this point in time.
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