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Originally Posted by JSpira View Post
Well, I've had the Lexus for 3 days (4 days left) and it made a serious error - did you read post 38 in this thread?
Maybe you didn't set it up right. I can generate odd routes with any navigation system by changing settings (e.g. Ability to use roads with restricted lanes, ability to use toll roads, ability to use highways, speed assumptions for different types of roads.

With my Lexus which didn't have the traffic feature, it was easy to set up the assumptions to get logical routing.

I suspect the same is true of the BMW, but where it is failing in my BMW is that I can't change the speed assumptions, which is why it directs me to take the long and slow route home because it thinks more distance if highway is faster (which is not the case given that I speed on major roads).

If you are dependent on traffic data for speed assumptions, then it likely will route incorrectly for none who drives faster than traffic.
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