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Hi there, (I am reposting this from last year)

I have a 2003 X5 4.4 automatic transmission with 142000 miles that has been out of commission since 5/ sucks! I've experienced some (or at least variations) of the issues posted above, and haven't yet achieved anything in the way of a resolution.

Issues that I encountered prior to transmission "Failsafe" shutdown:
Indecisiveness in gear selection at low speeds/low load (2nd to 3rd gears?)- this at first was remedied by using manual mode.
Some hesitation in initial engaging of gear (R or D).

Initially, as with a lot of "car issues", the symptoms would only surface occasionally, and sporadically making it difficult for repair person to understand the mysterious feeling that I described. Owner paranoia was likely his diagnosis. Having said that, when the transmission did finally "fail", I was near dealer and after $130 diagnosis, they suggested $7000+ replacement transmission. I do not believe that the transmission has failed. In this case, it does not fail-safe until it gets to normal operating temperature, and works fine until then. No gear slippage or any other types of "failures" I've experienced in other vehicles. I could drive off right now, and it would be fine until operating temperature is achieved, this is true whether driving, or just idling.

Has anybody else had problems like these, and would anyone like to lay odds on whether it is actually the transmission that needs to be replaced vs speed sensors or something?

Are these all similar issues, and has there been any resolution that didn't involve $7000?


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