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Originally Posted by BikesStillRule View Post
That reminds of building a small block Chevy in the bedroom closet of the apartment that I lived in while going to tech school. It was no problem until someone saw us carrying the finished engine out the back sliding glass doors, and reported it to the management. We got kicked out the next week, something about Chevy orange overspray on the inside of the closet. The other 3 guys sharing the apartment weren't very happy.
As much as I hate to, I have to giggle at this at least a little bit. Nothing like a gearhead to spoil the party, huh? haha!! I can't remember a time when I didn't have something I was rebuilding/restoring somewhere in the house. Last year it was a vintage tiller job I did for a guy. This year it's my own engine.

I would trying lightly sanding the contact surfaces against 400 grit silicon carbide sandpaper taped to a surface plate or piece of glass. If an 'untouched' depression appears in the lobe contact area I would replace them. You apparently have a lot of knowledge and experience at this sort of thing based on reading this thread, so you probably already know the ramifications of combining 2 dissimilar wear surfaces together under load.

I'm actual surprised that your cam lobes and lifters looked so good. The M54 that I'm rebuilding looked like new inside with no measurable wear anywhere except the cam lobes and lifters. That's the reason I'm putting hotter cams in, since I had to replace the cams and lifters anyway, why not replace them with mild performance cams.

Great thread; I also love it when people take the extra time to post this kind of detailed information. The main reason that I'm going to the trouble of posting all the details of my M54 engine build is so I can give something back to this great community.
Ya know, I thought about that, only using 1200 grit. Almost polishing the surfaces. There have been times that I have mismatched valves, lifters, etc, but I'm lucky enough to have never had a problem resulting.

Oh, as far as me being knowledgeable and experienced, well...... I wouldn't put myself up that high. I've rebuilt a few engines, done plenty of bodywork, even painted a car or two in my time, but I must admit, as many BMW's as I've owned and the work that I've done on them, I'm going to go ahead and consider myself still a newbie. Look around, you'll still see PLENTY of posts from me asking for info.
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