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Hey guys,
I as well installed the DVD in motion and it works great as well as the iPhone 4S integration with the cradle. I do have a question and want to see if any of you have been experiencin the same problem.
First off, the iPhone integration is not able to open up any of the Video playlists from the iPod in the phone, it only opens up the Audio playlists, but the Videos are playing from the entire Video list in my iPhone. Once again, Doesn't read the Video playlists, but reads the same Video files from the Entire Video list. Please let me know if there is a way around it as I have over 800 Videos in the phone and it's very inconvenient to browse through them.
Secondly, for some reason the Videos that are being played from the phone, are bordered all around and therefore it doesn't play on full screen. It has black borders on top, bottom, left and right. It dramatically decreases the size obviously and looks not right, But the DVD player is able to play full screen, not the iPhone though. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated... Thank you!!!

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