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Originally Posted by justinnum1 View Post
Yea, there are some serious trolls in here...e90 owners that are writing off the F30 for the dumbest ****...almost insecure like...e90 is an amzing car, ive owned 3 lol but reading people say the steering will suck when they never driven the damn car, 5-60 times...i mean come on

anyone talking **** about the f30 is an idiot till they drive the car, and then tell me a legitmate reason why they dont like. But yea, saying a f30 328 and f10 528 will drive the same is beyond insane.

im also notcing some of those who are not liking the f30, looks like they recently got there e90's...all im saying is reserve judgement until you drvie the car. Or check out the z4 28i. same engine, weight, zf8
Relax your butt, again. I am sure that the F30 will drive better than the F10. The other guy expressed concerns, nobody is insulting you and you have no reason to act like a fool. Keep your little emotions down.

BTW, 5-60mph is much more important than 0-60mph and according to Car&Driver, the Z4 N20 doesn't do any better than the 528i N52 (3-400lbs heavier) for that measurement.

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