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Originally Posted by x5strive View Post
Hey guys,

I drive a 2003 4.4 X5. It has about 111,000 miles on it and unfortunately im having terrible transmission problems with it. Simply putting it into drive, I need to wait a good 5 seconds until the car is in gear. I took it to my local dealership and they said they would have to replace the entire transmission for about half of what the car is worth now. Is there a way to fix an automatic transmission without replacing the entire thing? I'm considering just selling the car.

EDIT: I actually have a 2003 X5 4.4i, with the 5 speed transmission, not the 6 speed found in the 2005 and up. As i posted further down also, the car is having clutch problems I believe, the transmission slips hard almost in any gear, and jumps and catches gear. I dont beleive that changing the mezatronic unit or upgrading the firmware for the tranny control will help me in this situation.
Couple of things to check here before we can diagnose where your problem may lie.

Is the car displayi any messages on the dash ie trans fail programme

Have you lost your kickdown in manual and auto box

Drive the car in manul mode and check the dash gear selection upon driving to see if there is any gear loss, the X5 is built with a take me home gear usually 4 or 5, what happens is the gears 1 to 3 are electronically driven, the gearbox shuts down if a fault develops and only allows either 4 or 5 to be used, there are 4 main cause to this, one is the transfer chain is worn, hence the jumpaction when a gear is trying to be selected, the chain jumps a cog, the torque converter is driven by a metal shaft called a stator which distributes oil to the converter, if the stator fails the torque converter will struggle to drive the car, the last is the one way clutch could be burnt out which again would result in converter failure.

Try selecting manual mode on a clear standing, select first gear then release your foot of the brake without any gas, check if the converter pulls the car away, do this with all the gears if you can, if the car struggles then id be looking at the main components of the converter and one way clutch.

ive repaired countless faults of gear loss on the X5's and ive never had to advise on a gearbox rebuild, the easiest way to check if a rebuild is needed is to drain a little oil fromthe drain plug,ensuring that the plug is not fully removed, drain in to a little plastic cup no more than 3- 3 desert spoonfuls, check if you can see any metal particles which would indicate a failure on the gear coggs, also you may notice a little burnt sell from the oil which would be of a dark brown colour, this can indicate a clutch fault.


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