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Originally Posted by seemyad View Post
Kids do the darndest things . Yet they are innocent still.

Out of curiosity is their a reason to keep them in order aka matched? What are potential downsides of not doing so? Thanks in advance and thanks for this thread. Very interesting.

I cracked up when you described the work space you are using.


Yea, I've been known to improvise to get things done. Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that at any given moment, there may be a cylinder block in the strangest place or me playing machine shop in a spare bathroom or closet.

The lifters tend to "wear in" in whichever guide hole they have been run in. So, there may be one lifter, for example, that has a tiny score on one side has already worn off the wall of the guide it came from. To put it in another guide will cause it to now wear the wall on the new guide, not to mention, remove metal from the lifter itself in the process. The lifters rotate, so that wear will go all the way around.

That all said, I've re-used lifters in other cars back when I was in college, and sometimes the beer got the best of me and I mixed them up. I've not noticed any negative effects, but with the tiny tolerances in BMW engines, it's always better to err on the side of caution.

I scuffed 21 lifters with 600 grit cloth and replaced three others. Put everything in with Lucas Assembly Lube and have the head on the block now. All torque stages complete (30ft lbs, 90 degrees, 90 degrees).

Cams go in tomorrow as soon as I figure the correct order to tighten down the cam bearing caps. Engine is already OFF of TDC. I will lock the rear of the camshafts at TDC, then tighten the bearings down, then bring it back to TDC and insert the TDC pin. Sprockets and chains after that, VANOS Reinstall after that, then work on the intake side.

Pics soon.
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