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Hi Gang - Could use a little bit of additional direction here. Just got the old car back from the stealership. Problem that occurred that send me there was I lost power assit to the brakes for a breif time (5 min or so) then popped check engine lights throwing peake codes indicating misfires in 3 cylinders. Cleared the codes, car ran fine again. I know that this was some kind of loss of vacuum to the power brake booster.

The report back indicated I need to replace the "Crankcase Vent Valve/Intake Gasket & Brake booster Line". Total price $2088.00!!!!! Plus tax!

Now I see that Fudman's details cover the CCV, which can affect vacuum, does anyone have any idea what intake gasket is being referred to (do the mean the complete intake manifold gasket?) and does anyone know where the brake booster line runs to after it leaves the booster?


2001 E39 M54 145K
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