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Cool Where is NAV unit located and How to access LCD Screen in Radio tape unit

My trusty 2001 X5 (E53 I think) pretty new only 52K miles, has just exhibited this same problem. All of a sudden there is no display on the normally welcoming date and time Nav Screen and the radio with DSP when turned on operates for approximately 2 minutes then there is no sound. Turn it off then on the sound returns. The dealer installed BMW Bluetooth ULF option also continues to work. It seems that the the diag/repair sequence is try removing nav unit cable, try battery disconnect to reboot, try replacing the nav unit. But where exactly is the NAV unit are we talking the the UNIT where the DVD is instaleld in the left rear quarter panel or is it behind the LCD display in the instrument cluster and if so how do you access that there does not seem to be any easy to "get at" the LDC dispaly or radio tape unit? Are there any photos of how to access any of these?

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