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Originally Posted by davesf View Post
The voice command system both recognizes a subset of commands, and recognizes a large-dictionary of proper street/city/state names.

Speech Recognition for a small subset of commands is much easier than for large dictionaries. Recognizing proper street and city names requires a large dictionary, and thus is relatively hard. Nobody has a nav system that does this well, because it's so hard to do. The technology is called "untrained speaker independent large-vocabularity recognition" and there is no system that works very well. They work abysmally in the face of background noise.
A large dictionary of words as opposed to a large dictionary of street/city/state names are two very different animals. Just by definition knowing 'state' is a noun as opposed to a verb simplifies considerably. The constructs to be interpreted are still a very small subset.

Originally Posted by davesf View Post
Speech Synthesis for arbitrary text, on the other hand, has many acceptable solutions for mostly phonetic languages. Almost all consumer nav systems have this feature. Operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Android have text-to-speech built in as a system service.
Yes many have it, most still can't tell the difference in pronunciation between Louisville, Ky and Louisville, OH. How do you pronounce Versailles, KY?

Originally Posted by davesf View Post
This sounds like some kind of elite brand rationalization. Any street-name TTS would be better than the current 1980's Magellan style "turn in 500 feet". There is nothing "elite" or "quality" about it.

However, it also doesn't sound like you are interested in this spoken-streetnames issue at all, so it's strange you seem to think the rest of us should suffer. I assure you those of us using voice directions would prefer it to speak all streetnames.
No, it wasn't really any rationalization, more of a comment as to how easy you say it would be. Perhaps the difference is in acceptable quality or function. Having managed development groups before, I wouldn't characterize it as easy.

I too have a background in software, many years ago I worked for a GIS - AM/FM firm, developing what's become today's nav systems (our focus was more municipalities/utilities and to a much larger scale). What you say could be, but to do it right (my definition) would require significant integration of spatial data relationships to language cues.

I suppose if there were a demand someone (perhaps BMW) would do it, but to be honest I can think of infinitely more things I'd like to see refined/developed/fixed in a BMW.

And just to be clear, I don't think the nav in the F10 sucks either. Much better than past BMW's or any other cars I've had.

Sorry if I offended.
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