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Originally Posted by IEbimmerguy View Post
To be more specific, what sensors? I assume the TPS, the shift selector switch? Maybe the Econ,sport, and 123 switch?
I haven't tried to adjust or play with the TPS, it seems too sensitive.
I took the driver side kick panel off and looked at the trans control box. Looks perfect with no moisture or corrosion.
This issue is so frustrating because it's intermittent and my Indy that worked on this issue says, "the engine runs good and it's intermittent so it's the trans" Stumped....
My Indy seems to be done with it.
It may even be an electrical issue. Check the condition of the battery, battery terminals, grounds, fuses, wiring, etc. I would even check the voltage output on the alternator, especially when the shift problem is occuring. You need to rule out as much as possible to narrow down the focus.
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