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Originally Posted by energetik9 View Post
It's personal taste. For me those LED's are getting old. They are so common that I see people putting them on their Honda CR-V's and Civics. Although to be fair I see people doing the same with the halo rings. A6 and that big gaping front end? Not so much, not to mention it's still a sedan. Gadgetry, maybe.

Luxury wise, Audi may have some edge in their sedans, but for me, I want performance and BMW still has the edge.
I was addressing the FULL LED HEADLIGHTS, not the DRLs. Have you seen the new A6? The DRLs look like light bars and not a row of individual LEDs (which I agree looks dated).

Agreed with the Audi having the edge for now(as far as gadgetry goes).

Love my E90, and will likely keep it for most of its useful life. But when the E90 officially becomes the '2nd' car and I need a new primary one, Audi will get fair consideration. I'm curious to see what their new competitor for the X6 will have to offer.

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