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Supercharger for $179?

It's basically an electric fan that spools up to 20k RPM... in place of your stock air cleaner.

Should I get 2 for my M5?

Our electric supercharger is designed for enthusiasts looking for additional power but are not ready to buy an expensive turbo kit or supercharger kit which can void their vehicles warranty, cost upwards of $5000 and require additional maintenance. These things you do not need to worry about with our charger system. It may require small modifications to mount the charger on your air intake line, but it can always be reversed.

What is included with this purchase?
  • 900+ Watt Motor
  • Safely generates up to 5 PSI of boost
  • Laser Cut 10 Blade Turbine with Rigid metal
  • Spools at 20,000 RPMs+
  • Maximum Boost in less than 1/10 of a second
  • 2" – 3.5" Rubber Couplers
  • High-Flow Air Filter Unique Design *Optional
  • Step-by-step Installation Guide in Manual
  • Metal Securing Clamps
Seems like I could save $70K over the cost of a DINAN S3

The GTE electric supercharger is not your average boat blower or fan you may have seen others sell. It uses high grade, high speed motor structures designed and tested in Germany and Japan for the ultimate air pressure. The motor spins to over 20,000 rpm within a few milliseconds. All necessary parts are included to install on any air intake setup. Our kits are designed to efficiently and safely for air into your engine. The supercharger activates only when your floor the vehicle. The reason is the charger is designed to operate for no longer than 1 minute continuously because of its high velocity. This is not a problem, because if you ran your vehicle for 1 minute floored, you would be running over 200MPH.
Install on vehicles such as:
· Vehicle with Factory Air Box
· Vehicle with aftermarket air intake setups
· Vehicle with dual air intake setups *Requires Two Superchargers

Gain up to 40-60HP! The GTE Electric Supercharger™ is based on years of technology development in electric superchargers. Using your vehicles electrical system safely, the GTE can add substantial amount of air flow into your engine. More air pressure in your engine, the more horsepower you will make. Unlike turbo systems, which have a lag before producing horsepower, our electric supercharger gives you immediate response.
Other superchargers and turbo kits require extensive engine modifications. They also add extra weight to your vehicle. Our electric supercharger weights in less than 5 lbs. They also require serious engine software modifications. Our product can work on factory computer settings or even with our performance chip modifications for even better performance.

Here is what customers have to say
.."I installed the charger on my civic 2000 within 1 hour. The hardest part was running the wire inside the vehicle so the switch can acitivate the charger when I floored the car. I also had the option to mount the switch on the throttle body place, but thought it would be better under the pedal. I immediatly noticed power gain when I floored the car. I lost almost 1 second on my quarter mile drag test…."

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