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Originally Posted by AceFX View Post
Hey DFEL750I.......
if you get this tool of eBay or from the sellers web site you just plug it in, read the MMI coding, go to command line 3002 and very simply edit the ASCII code. You won't 'brick' it!
You will see other options become available as you change the code. It really is quite simple.
In addition to making all the features of my car work on the MMI I have also added to my MMI the following AUX, OIL Level, Check Control and Bluetooth.

I wish I owned the company that makes this tool........there is no reward in this for me......

I experimented heaps with it. I added things, I removed things, I continually changed the information on my MMI and it didn't falter once. it just followed whatever commands I gave it....
Thanks. I will look to see if I can do this using NCS expert. I have not looked at other coding software but my assumption is that all of them are just GUIs that talk to the BMW edibas server software that actually talk to the modules. My engineering assumption is that there are a bunch of APIs for the EDIBAS server software platform that different developers are using to create their own GUIs. I suspect that the options in my TRC file can be changed to get to the same results using NCS expert. You have all these options because you have the facelift MMI. As you know the MMI is the brain of idrive and with the updated MMI you can now pull additional info through the SZL gateway from other computers on the network like DME etc.

I really haven't had too much time to dig into all of this like you have but we have some great minds on here and I think we can do a lot more in the future. Hopefully I will have more time to dig into things myself to help advance the knowledge we have on here.

For NCS expert which I use when you read the module the coding is pulled in a metadata file (ASCII) which is converted to human readable options using a "profile" (most common one being the pfister profile). You then are left with a standard text file with options like what I included in my first post in this thread where you can make all the read options available active or not active. Once you make your changes to the text file the coding changes are written to the respective module.

The limitations of NCS expert is really what options the profile being used allows the user to change in the metadata file. I am pretty sure more detailed changes can be made if someone understood how to make changes to the metadata file directly without bricking something.

Those with the facelift MMI already have all these options in the MMI turned on like oil, bluetooth etc.

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