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Now some information to all you budding BMW mechanics , if your Panorama roof is playing up BE WARNED do the fix I have posted or / its a whole days labour for an experienced person to completly remove the hood trim and remove the whole sunroof assembly . Once removed the number of plastic parts that are affected by time heat and age is quite daunting . I recently had to repair the two sunshades on an X5 what a mongrel job after dismantling the whole sunroof to replace the parts , I found that BMW here in Australia have their parts stock all F&*%#d up . After removing the whole roof the kit supplied by BMW did not have some vital parts to complete the job , they ordered another kit which had more different parts than the first one !!!! finally a third kit arrived with all the correct parts {note here all three had the same part number } but came from two different locations . The car had to be reassembled and returned to the customer until the correct parts came in , then you guessed it remove the whole damn thing a second time to fix it . Moral of the story these roofs are a real nightmare to fix blinds or the rear glass so unless you are a glutton for punishment do not attempt to fix the actual broken parts that cause the rear panel to stay open just do the fix I have posted and leave the rest alone . I would rather flail my back with a whip than put myself through this much trouble if I owned one myself Howard . East Coast Sunroofs Australia PS the only reason I fix these myself is because I get paid to !!!!

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