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Originally Posted by jadnashuanh View Post
Most (all?) all-wheel drive vehicles have a fairly stringent max deviation in tire diameter that is allowed before you must replace all of the tires to, that's an issue regardless of whether it is a RFT or a normal one. It's just that the RFT tend to cost more. Depending on the type of differential(s), some are more critical than others.
Good point, but with non RFT I could change it with the spare and get it fixed and still use the old 'right-diameter' tire.

Wow, I just got a reply from my CA and he and the Service Manager see things quite differently:
"I spoke with my service manager and he said that it is a non-issue now. It use to be an issue in the past. The only time that it may be of concern, is if you put a new tire on with a different pattern. The tire warranty will replace only the damaged tire and it would be your option at your expense to replace any other tires."

What I understand from that is that keeping the same tire diameter to avoid destroying the differential is a thing of the past (that was my original question to him). Everything I've been reading says it is very much still an issue, yet the dealer says changing only one tire in x-drive doesn't matter; anyhow the tire insurance will pay for only the damaged tire. I guess it would be my option whether I want to ruin the differential.
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