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2004 X3 2.5L Im told I need a DME? Codes28B2,29B5,27A1,2796

My X3 is turning over only to stall. It seems like cold weather might play a part. It will do this over and over and then will go into a "safe mode? rough idle where pressing the gas pedal doesn't work and the car idles at 10,000rpms. If I disconnect the battery and keep re starting it, it may go back into a regular run condition where there are no problems. This will last the wole day until the next frigid morning, when it won't stay running again...
I took it to a shop that advertises a BMW certified mechanic and got Drivability codes above. They say I need a new DME(Computer) at $1500. with only an hours labor. Does anyone know? I am scheduled to go to the local dealer for his diagnostics, because the Service manager there said that he has never had to replace a DME, that it's probably something else.
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