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Steering problem with new x3

So I've had my x3 for about a month and really love it, but about a 1.5 weeks ago I started having this startling warning, "Steering Affected...Drive with caution" or something like that and basically I cannot turn my wheel. It only happened when I turned on my vehicle, not during driving, and it'd "go away" if I turned the car on and off a couple times. This happened a few times so the dealer of course took it in for a couple days.

They told me it was a battery issue and my battery was extremely low, which caused the malfunction. I was surprised. They put a new battery in, I received my vehicle two days ago, and so today, the error happens again. This time, turning the car on & off did not do the trick.

Any idea what could be going on? I'm not a high-maintenance customer, but for a 48K-ish vehicle I was hoping I could pull it out of my driveway! Anything I should say to the dealer, too? Of course, this was my first leased BMW (financed before), so to me, this is like lost rental time, especially galling when I had to cancel a road trip last week.

Thanks in advance!
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