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Water pump pulley tool M54

I appreciate all the effort everyone puts into this forum. Thanks.

As for pulley holding tool, I've never had one. Now I have an 03 e39 w/ M54. Vehicle history stated one owner (3 yrs in NY, then they ended up in LA). I bought w/ 45K in 06. Now 120K and needed more than std attention.

Apparently all that time wherever has really corroded some stuff up. (Rear disks frozen to hubs; will deal with that later). But pump pulley fan nut was incredibly frozen. I started to think "Maybe I've had a stoke and spazzed out and am just turning it the wrong way..." 3 days of PB blaster, large applied forces, and tears (As in from my eye; lol). Thought I was gonna have to buy a tool, didn't have time to wait. Tried the prybar trick (has always worked in past) and it only succeded in BUSTING the belt pulley AS THE M6 bolts BENT under pressur and craked the plastic pulley! WTF and plenty of bad words.

So today I was going to make a tool like you all had drawn and got to thinking "All the pressure on the tool is on a 'clockwise' nut" so I drilled ONE hole and threaded one of the good M6 bolts thru it (center of hole - 1/4" drill bit - was approx 3/8" from bottom of piece of flat stock) and the 2" to the end of the bar was plain. The nut held pressure on LOTS of material, and open end-rested on top of pulley shaft (where you all had the debate about the size of the semi-circle). The other end (18" flat stock) I rested on a wood block where the air filter normally sits. Two of the M6's are STILL in the pulley; bent to hell.

I was sort of shocked how little force it finally took to bust off finally.

So hopefully in next few days I'll get VANOS seals, CCV junk, water pump, thermostat, going with new radiator (another cheap plastic replacement OEM; - this one lasted 9 yrs. Don't have 7bills for an all AL), fuel filter, new hoses (old ones only 3 yrs, but why risk it) and whatever else I ordered. Rebuilt alternator today.

(/aside Saw somewhere on here 'The small rear bearing is usually okay'; not in my case. It makes noise spinning by hand. Of course, this air cooled alt is poor design. Needs a piece of screen over intake port to keep debris out. I had wasps, leaves, dirt caked on, bird feathers and tumbleweek sticks all cramed in the back of the housing. /endaside)
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