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Use only auto transmission fluid. I learned the hard way about putting in an expensive power steering fluid claimed safe for European cars that was supposedly a seal conditioner, pump revitalizer and at $18 a liter it had to be good right? WRONG!!! It boiled like the witch's caldron immediately and shot all over the engine compartment. It was a major brand name product when all the car wants is dex III or IV. I don't know if I would even use redline. I question it's use in this application. Just use A/T fluid as has been said multiple times. No additives necessary and may do more damage. I have V8 so I drain, fill, drive 10 miles, drain, fill, drive 10 miles, drain, fill and keep driving knowing I have exchanged almost 100% of the fluid. Don't known what difference it makes how much it holds because you are going to buy like 5 quarts for the multiple fill/drain procedure and if you have a bottle left or you need to get another bottle, who cares? A bottle of trans fluid on the shelf will get used eventually and save another trip to the store.
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