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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post
The picture above showing the nav screen does NOT look like the same nav screen I've seen in multiple reviews/pictures. In those reviews, it looked almost exactly like half an i-pad sticking out of the dash. In this picture, it has tapered top edges and the screen size looks smaller.

Am I seeing a model with just an informational display and NOT nav? If so, it's the first time I've seen that screen.
I am pretty sure the non-nav comes with a smaller screen. I agree, if that is the screen in the base, non-nav car, then I am pretty disappointed. I am hoping the pictures are just not doing it justice. It looks like one of the screens you find buried in the seat back in front of you on an airplane. It was probably killer in 1999 when the plane was built.

Doesn't help that the interior of that car just somehow looks cheap compared to all the other pictures we have seen...
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