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Originally Posted by AceFX View Post
Hey csmeance......
changing this coding adds the features to the MMI menu items.
As far as OIL level goes, my car is a pre-facelift and it didn't show OIL Level, but now I have activated that and now I have it. Also with the front seat heating, again my car being a pre-facelift, I couldn't adjust to where the heating would bias too, e.g. more to your back or more to your I have that additional control to alter the bias of the seat heating.
Adding AUX gave me an additional input and also my car didn't have BLUETOOTH, now I do!
In the Audio section, yes, I have now FM, AM, CD, CDC(iPod), AUX, TV, DVD, PICTURE and TONE(which takes me to the L7)



Are you saying that all you had to do was activate bluetooth and it started working?!?!?!? Did you have to add an additional module or anything? I have the BTU-thingy but I'd lie to be able to have bluetooth without it. I plan to do the facelift soon and add the iPhone 4 adapter.
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