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We took it on 4 road trips so far, last one to Mt. Zion. It's in first part of video here

We bought it used 2010 for $59k with 20k miles. Was $89k brand new.
The bad, it has the HPFP (sp?) fuel problem which they promptly repaired. A minor rattle at cold start needs to be fixed.
I'm always comparing it to my M3 which we got new so it's in good company.

It's absolutely loaded to the gills with features. The soft leather seats have this smell i'm not sure if I like or not... your own nose has to decide. It either smells great or kinda like cat piss lol, i'm still not sure.

Drives nice, it's the 3.5i, not sure why it has paddles. We removed all the chrome lettering and did the black kidney grills... are about to lightly smoke the tail lights. I love the way it looks and we get comments quite often. My wife feels cooler in this car vs. an x5 she says. Storage is adequate, and I finally stopped hitting my head on the trunk. Heads up display was done well.

I wish the shifter was nicer, it feels a bit cheap compared to my M. The stupid ipod holder charger should have never come standard and can't be removed easily. So I think a redesign of the center glove box is in order.

Overall, i'd buy one again in a heartbeat. Its a cool car and you feel like a million bucks driving it.

I've seen Cayan owners stare us down, but i've NEVER seen another X6 on the road in all our driving so far. We're often in the SW Vegas and SoCal, just odd.

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