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Originally Posted by Chris90 View Post
Didn't you complain non-stop about that car when you owned it?

Still driving mine.
LOL - My engine stuttered at WOT @around 4k RPM, my ECU fried once, my e-brake arrived from the factory bad, the locks would sometimes go bonkers and lock unlock on their own. It was actually my most reliable BMW!

Still I loved the sound of it when I started it in the morning, loved it at the track and the day I took delivery of my e90 330i in Munich I knew I had made a serious mistake giving up my e46 ZHP. Live and learn. You don't know how great you have it...

Originally Posted by dct
The G37 and the new Mustang GT come to mind.
Hmm, mustang is a coupe. G37 has its strong points - mostly price. The engine and size are not worthy. They feel like what the car is: a bargain.

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