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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
Of course Mustang being a coupe is an issue for me and many of you who have family needs. But let's be honest, I almost considered getting a 335is, when the local dealer was trying to unload it at a huge discount. But it was my head overruled my heart.

Family needs can be overcome, just convince the kids and your wife hopping in and out of the back seats is good physical for them.

I know a guy who managed to convince his wife a Porsche Cayman was good for their family with two girls.
Last night my wife, after hearing her Audi will be at the dealer for a week, informed me she wants a Cayenne. I laughed until I realized she's serious. She said it's a sensible alternative to the 911s her dad always had. Every story about the 911s is a mix of nostalgia and childhood trauma: he forced her to ride in cross country several times in the back of them! WTF?! What is this Stockholm Syndrome? Guess I should be happy she doesn't want to shoehorn our 3 year old (or the second kid she's begging for) into the back of a 911.

FWIW, my mom always (and still) has sports cars. I have no desire to have a sports car with a kid in a car seat.
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