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Originally Posted by Snipe656 View Post
She never had a 911, well had a 930 but very briefly because the clutch setup does not work well with a shoe that has any bit of heel size. Pinto to 924 to 928 to 928 to Bug to Bug to nothing actually. It was not a "eclectric bit of cross shopping/buying" but more of as becoming more successful in life they bought what ever cars appealed to them at the time. The first 928 was actually bought with the intentions of selling, got it from a shutting down dealership but she liked how the car drove so much that she kept it and there went the 930 and years later the 924. The second 928 she actually did not like and went back to the first after awhile. The Bugs was more of because the very first new car she bought was a Bug and had some attachment to the models so got back into them when reintroduced.

But outside all of that, my point was that we sure seemed to manage just fine in coupes and I really am a firm believe that people with a "young child" would not have issues in any of them. I happen to know a couple where the wife drives a fairly new 911 and their toddlers fit in the back of it without issues. By the time those toddlers outgrow that 911, it will be time to sell the car by most peoples standards for length of car ownership anyway. I can even remember a few times being in my old Saleen or old 928 with my wife, step son and daughter and things were fine.
I don't know your age but if you ever had to put a baby in a car seat you would thnk differently. I cannot image picking up my 27 pound son and squeezing into the back seat of a coupe to put him in his rear facing seat. Sounds like torture to me. I guess when he's old enough to get in by himself and fasten the belts it might be different but in the case of the Mustang, the rear seats are tiny to begin with. I wouldn't ask my friends to climb in that seating area.

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