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Been driving a Range Rover Sport for the last two weeks while my X5M is being repaired...i would never buy one...EVER. There is no comparison in any metric I would ever use. The ergonomics, driving dynamics, name it...the X5 is the clear better vehicle. Quite frankly...I can't figure out why anyone likes the Range Rover Sport. It has a decent engine...but just about everything inside the vehicle is wrong...the electronics are a mess, the drivers door handle hits your left knee, the shifter is too tall, body roll is horrible, steering is as numb as can be, there's a constant grinding in the steering's all bad.

As for my repairs...someone decided to redecorate my front end recently...and broke every plastic part that BMW installed there. I can't wait for my X5M to come back. I agree with the previous post. If really down with BMW...consider the Cayenne. My previous vehicle was a Cayenne Turbo S. A very good vehicle...but in prefer the driving dynamics of the X5M.
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