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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
I don't know your age but if you ever had to put a baby in a car seat you would thnk differently. I cannot image picking up my 27 pound son and squeezing into the back seat of a coupe to put him in his rear facing seat.
That's exactly why I started buying 4-doors and then station wagons. (Only I found the 4-door and wagon configurations are a lot more convenient than a coupe even after the little kid has grown up and left the house!)

The general idea behind the Cayenne was a Porsche for those "awkward years" or decades in life when one needs to carry kids and stuff around. I thought Porsche had lost its collective marbles when it introduced the car but as you know it's a huge chunk of Porsche sales and profits today. There isn't a lot of room in a 911 for more than a driver and a passenger, so it's not the best vehicle to take to Home Depot or Costco, no matter what Porsche says in its commercials!
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