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Originally Posted by KHarney View Post
So a Few questions. How long does it take to clay a car (small one like an E93) ? And once done how much time do you have to get the polishing done ? And how long does the polishing take ? Where I am going with this is amd I better off doing like one small area like a roof and then polishing and completing it or say doing the clay the first weekend and then polishing the next weekend and then waxing the following .....
I typically clay the entire car which takes 30 minutes or so depending on the condition of the paint. There is no set time limit to get the polishing done. However keep in mind that polishes tend to gum up and dry very quickly. So you'll need to a 2' x 2' section at a time ensuring you wipe away the polish after you've completed each section. In addition, polishing by hand is, for lack of a better description, POINTLESS. There is no way that you will produce the speed necessary to cut into the top layer of your clear coat. With that said you'll need a machine to assist you but this can also get confusing because most of the polishers sold at the parts stores and Walmart are also inadequate and again pointless. They typically have an rpm range of 3k-5k rpm and that just isn't good enough. You'll need to venture to your local Lowes or Home Depot and find yourself a dual action polisher (Porter Cable is the brand I use) what you're looking for is a polisher than produces around 12k rpm. This will provide the speed required to actually polish the surface. Polishing can be a lengthy process especially for a newbie but I suggest that you take it slow to start. I polish using a horizontal/vertical technique that has worked great for me. Basically in my 2' x 2' working section I start off by applying my polish to a light/medium foam polishing pad and before turning the machine on I dab the polish all over my working surface. Doing this will prevent splatter. I then start in a horizontal motion and go over the surface doing two passes. I then switch to a vertical movement and again do two passes. I then wipe away the polish and buff the surface. Then I move on to another section. Once the entire car has been polished you'll need to wax. Waxing generally takes me about 45 minutes. So to clay bar - polish - wax you're looking at a total time of 3-6 hours. Good luck!
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