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Originally Posted by Snipe656 View Post
Age 2 is around when you go to the forward facing ones. Here it is based on weight and/or height of the child. For example someone mentioned I think a 27lb kid in a rear facing seat, I do not think you can do that here legally but I might be wrong.

My daughter has commuted daily with me from the age of about 1-2 months to her current age of 10. She obviously no longer is in any sort of special seat. But in the beginning I was still driving my old 928 so I did use a rear facing seat in that car without issues. After the 928 was the fox body Saleen Mustang(which is smaller that today's Mustangs) but I do not recall using a rear facing seat with her in that car and instead the front facing. At the same time as all that my mom watched both my daughter and my nephew during the work days. My mom at the time was driving her second Bug so she would have one rear facing seat and one front facing seat there for awhile. Those Bugs though had a surprising amount of passenger room, I recall many times 3-4 adults piling into those to go to lunch or some other errand.

As far as a rear facing seat being bad enough in an Outback. I think that has a lot to do with seat selection but I never have been in an Outback specifically. What I did experience with my 2 year old when he was younger and in rear facing seats is the first seat was a piece of cake in the 335d sedan but the second replacement seat was a total PITA. I have a friend who put his niece and her rear facing seat in the back of his 4 door Focus and had plenty of room and was a piece of cake. That same rear facing seat from his Focus when put into his brothers Escape leaves very little room, front seat actually has to be pushed all the way up.
FYI: The Government recommendation for child car seats is to keep children rear facing as long as possible up to the weight limit of the particular seat. With my 27 pound 16 month old, we'll keep him rear facing until his legs get too long. The seat has a weight limit of 40 pounds I think.

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