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M5 e60

There's nothing wrong with the motor!!! Had the same problem with mine, it sounded like a loose or, disconnected component, decided to fix it my self. I Removed the seat, and dismantled the affected area in order to gain access to the mechanism, and then dismantled the mechanism to get to the small powerful motor. The problem lies within the motor housing, which consists of the motor, a tiny metal rod, and a few plastic bit's & bobs...
The problem was very obvious, on the motor arm there's a round plastic "wheel like" part which has teeth that turn another similar small round toothed plastic ring, bonded on the small metal rod. One of these plastic toothed ring type part has cracked and become loose, therefor stopping the mechanical process to be complete.
Super glue at a cost of 99p, plus chemical metal 2.99p, patience and, the will to do it your self got the job done!!!!!

That said, I regret ever buying an M5 E60. I'v had it for 2 years now, off road with issues most of the time!!!! PROBLEM AFTER PROBLEM, A NEVER ENDING STORY, STAY WELL AWAY...........
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