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Always search the bestlinks first, before posting a new thread!

Please make your 1st search a simple /keyword click within the bestlinks thread BEFORE posting a new thread!

Note: This fast & efficient technique searches 'only' within that one thread.

It takes about two or three seconds to find the best of the links on any topic!

You'll know right away if it's a common subject or not - and - if it's common, you'll know exactly what everyone else knows & says about that subject. Better yet, if it's not a common subject, you'll know that too (by the dearth of links).

If, after reading the best links found, you still need help, you can read focus your followup post on your variant in that existing well-attended thread.

Besides having subscribers, these focus threads generally have plenty of pictures and cross references. Many of the odd-ball whacko ideas & misconceptions have already been culled out by sheer numbers of eyes viewing these threads (many have over fifty thousand viewers, and some have over one hundred thousand viewers!).

In practice, even if the quoted links aren't 'the best' (at first), with inevitable additional cross-threading, picture posts, & thousands upon thousands of visitors, these links tend to become, over time, a one-stop-shopping resource!

The 'trick' I use in Firefox to instantly find the best of the links is: /keyword (F3).

That is, I simply press /keyword in that bestlinks thread; and then I repeatedly press the "F3" button to move forward to successive matches ("shift F3" to move backward).

Use "control F keyword" in Internet Explorer.
Use "command F keyword" on the Macintosh.
Linux is the same as Windows.

  • /cooling system overhaul (F3)
  • /secondary air pump (F3) <== abbreviations also work (e.g, SAS, SAP, etc.)
  • /headlight adjusters (F3)
  • /window regulator (F3)
  • /replacing shocks (F3)
  • /power steering (F3)
  • /spark plug diy (F3)
  • /fan clutch nut (F3)
  • /diamond key (F3)
  • /vacuum leak (F3)
  • /white smoke (F3)
  • /overheating (F3)
  • /trunk lock (F3)
  • /motor oil (F3)
  • /homelink (F3)
  • /abs diy (F3)
  • /wheels (F3)
  • /brakes (F3)
  • /misfire (F3)
  • /seats (F3)
  • /giubo (F3) <== various spellings work (e.g., guibo, gweebo, etc.)
  • /fluids (F3)
  • /tires (F3)
  • /disa (F3) <== the /search is case insensitive (e.g., DISA, disa, DiSa, etc.)
  • /inpa (F3) <== finding INPA also finds Carsoft, GT1/DIS, EDIABAS, Peake, etc.)
  • /fuse (F3)
  • /mpg (F3)
  • /.pdf (F3) <== finds scores of the best PDF files ever posted to the forum!
  • /gdo (F3)
  • /ccv (F3) <== various nicknames work (e.g., osv, pcv, pvv, cvv, cpv, etc.)
  • /fsu (F3)
  • etc.
In practice, it's best to set your posts-viewed to the maximum allowed so a single search finds all:
  • User CP -> Edit Options -> Number of Posts to Show Per Page -> 80 -> Save Changes
Note: So that others find this thread more easily, I'll add it to the bestlinks in a keyword-rich sentence of the ilk:

- Hints from the experts for newbies on searching before posting in order to find common E39 information (1)

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