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I'm also considering a set of Rockford Fosgate's. Knowing that there are some reliable 2nd options out there, I'd just as soon try out some other speakers to see if we can increase the number of "known-good" configurations. If they don't work, then at least we know, and I know I can fall back on others to move forward.
So I can say from unfortunate experience that the Rockford Fosgate 4" coaxes do NOT fit. Their frames have a great mounting set up that matches the stock BMW speaker bolt pattern, but the extra mount points hit on the tweeter housing and the bolt holes would need drilled out. Neither are huge issues, but I'm trying to avoid too much extra work just to fit speakers. Also, the cones are pretty big, and the speaker surround would be crushed by the plastic mounting hole - would basically suffocate the speaker's ability to move, stifling any proper response. I didn't think to take pics, and the car is back together now. Just suffice to say they don't work without customization, and I would doubt they're a speaker that's worth the extra work when other (probably better) speakers are already proven to drop in.

Soooo, it's on to trying something else. Something more "traditional" for a 4" coax.

Now is when I really get disappointed that "car stereo shops" don't exist like they used to. I'd love to go LISTEN to some speakers and see what I do and don't like. 15 years ago this was no problem, there were plenty of independent shops with speaker displays, now it's about impossible. The only game in town is friggin Best Buy, they only have Pioneer 4", and then the display doesn't even work right!

I don't necessary dislike alpine (which has been recommended a bunch here), but they've never been my favorite, either. Still, I would suppose anything is better than the stock junk I just had to re-install into the car, huh?
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