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Regarding the "Bimmerfest" search ... Here's an efficient-search technique I often employ:

While most issues have at least one 'canonical' thread listed in the bestlinks or the wiki or the FAQ - each of which has had thousands of eyes on it ... 'some' issues are not (yet) listed in the easily-found locations.

When that happens, what "I" often do next is a ...
Bimmerfest-only E39-only Title-Only search:
  1. Select "Search->Advanced search"
  2. Enter your keyword(s), e.g., "giubo"
  3. Select "Titles Only" (helps focus if there is too much information otherwise found)
  4. Select "E39 (1997 to 2003)" (again, helps focus)'
  5. Press "Search Now"
  6. In Firefox, I right-click on each of the finds, opening each in a separate tab
    • Then I skim each of them, killing all which are of little value
    • What's left are the threads that I read for information!
    • HINT: I use this setting in Firefox to keep the tab-kill [x] button from jumping around!

Optionally, select "Find Threads Started by User" and then type a well-known user's ID such as any of the following who write excellent DIYs & comments:
Optionally, select "Find Posts by User" and then type a well-known user's ID such as any of those below who are known for detailed and accurate posts on a wide variety of subjects:
Note: For the better good, I risked listing logins which inevitably leads to accidentally omitting some; so please PM me for helpful login additions which I can make as edits here! This list is merely to help others (who are new to the forum participants) figure out how to search better.

And, below, I list the firefox settings I use for efficient tab handling when culling out the riffraff from extensive search results:
Please read the suggested threads and add value, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person stands on your shoulders.
See also: E39 Bestlinks & How to easily find what you need

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