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X3 Seat fire

Well, it happened to me to, this past weekend, I was driving my X3 with my dogs in the back, felt a terrible prick feeling in my left cheek, and then smelt something burning, and noted smoke ! It did not compute!! I pulled over to see what could be smoking and noted the seat had a burnt out hole in it with the smoke coming out! First thing I though of was to get the dogs out, but as I was on a busy road.... I decided to turn off the seat heater and grabbed a snow ball to put on the smoky hole.... it freaked me out and made be quite angry!

I have a burnt butt and a hole in my pants, and now neither of the heated seats work at all, not that I plan to put them on again until fixed, the fuse did not blow so the wires must have shorted out! I plan to contact my BMW dealer today, but was surprised that this happened!!

Wish me luck!!
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