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Keyless ignition problem

Hi all

Not sure if any one can help or has or heard of this problem. I have 09 730SE LD with keyless ignition with an intermittent problem. Occasionally when trying to start the car, the ignition seems to switch on, all the correct lights on the dashboard come on, my foot is on the brake, but nothing happens, engine doesn't turn over, no sounds as if something was malfunctioning, just nothing. Even placing key next to steering colum as per BMW instructions for faulty remote or flat battery does nothing! I get no warning sounds or messages. I have to power down the car and leave it for around 15 minutes before it will start, I'm a chauffeur and this has now happened twice when picking up paying passengers who are unable or unwilling to wait 15 minutes to see if the car starts. Has also happened in petrol station which is very embarrassing. Have been to 3 BMW dealers, and all say the same things. Unless fault happens when in workshop, they can't trace fault. The is no fault recorded in vehicle memory. One dealer has even been on to BMW in Germany and they have not heard of problem and have no answer!
There is no comman pattern. Sometimes it can be first thing in morning after being in garage overnight other times it can be during the day after car has been running during the day, hot or cold weather, dry or damp, seems to make no difference.

If anyone can help or has any ideas it would be gratefully appreciated
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