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Hi kurgan, forgive the necrobump, and that I have a N54. After doing a title search for "idle" in this subforum, so far your thread is as pertinent as any, if I understand the "lopey" right. Much of my driving, I think the idle is smooth at say 600. However, on occasion it starts oscillating between 600 and 700 (I've tried to "time" the oscillation in my head, but if I had to guess, it's not a consistent speed always, so to speak). Last night when stopped at a very mild incline, it was at 600 went up to 700 where I expected an oscillation, and instead climbed right up to 800 and stayed there.

Is this all "normal", maybe dependent on temperature too? I only use 91, and every tank except one during my ownership has been Chevron or Shell, and I've probably used Techron (one bottle only) before every annual oil change. If this is just normal, I can ignore it easily enough, but if it's something that may require attention, I'd like to know more. Thanks.

Sometimes when it "oscillates" at a stop, I'll just blip the throttle with my heel, and it's smooth again. Maybe what I'm describing has little/nothing to do with what you're talking about?

OK, I have a bonus question for you, since I have your ear. Recently, I feel like the tranny hesitates a little more before "catching" sometimes. I'm almost positive I never felt this until I got new tires a few months ago. I'm sure it's probably just the driver and his technique here, because I have an almost impossible time thinking tires could affect this (outside of maybe some huge diameter/tread change, but even then . . .). Thanks for listening.
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