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For the first time ever, I attempted a quasi Italian tune-up today. I tried searching to see if people had suggestions for gears/RPMs/time, but anyway I drove about 25 miles, about 20 of those being faster miles, most of which was probably in 3rd. I kept it mostly in the 4500-5000k ballpark, and never really redlined it (I would be afraid of longer term redlining, or even 6k for an extended time, just being careful I guess.) Idle is extremely smooth again, we'll see if this remains true. I'm going to make a point of doing this a little more often. I'm out of Techron, and I'll order more shortly before my next oil change. Do you guys find it perfectly fine to use the fuel system cleaner even when the oil change won't be for a while, or is it just best to wait? Oh, I'll also gladly take pointers for my next I.T.U. Thanks.
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