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Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
I recently had my car in for service and wound up leaving it two days and had two different loaners. The first was an F10 535i, which was nice to test drive, so we could eliminate it from our choices of a replacement car The other was a 135i with DCT. Little thing was a rocket FWIW and the DCT was very smooth. What I noticed with both vehicles was the idle was not smooth, it was "lopey" and I wondered if this was the norm for the N55 or if maybe since we've recently read some idle issues with the N52, is it valvetronic causing the idle issues? I don't have enough knowledge with respect to how valvetronic works, but it almost feels like my S54 on very cold days, before the valves get to stretch a bit (30 seconds).

Just thought I'd throw it out there, it is possible there were issues with both loaners, both had in excess of 12k miles and maybe just needed some techron, or maybe previous drivers failed to use 91 octane fuel.
I was reading the article in Motor Trend or C&D this month where they take the cars around VIR's grand course (4.6 miles or something crazy). Surprisingly, the 335i with DCT transmission did horribly (slower than a manual 335i tested a few years back). Something about the shifts sticking and them blowing several corners because of it. They couldn't wring a good lap out of it. Is that transmission literally the same part number as the one for the M3, or a "me too" version with different software and friction points?

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