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Has this ever happened to you? This is the second time in 2 days that I had written a long post while drinking coffee, went to set my cup down to the left of my keyboard, bumped the edge of the "Esc" key with the bottom of the cup and lost everything.

If you had even seen how slowly I type with two fingers you would know how agonizing that is to me. The last post was on a different thread, was really long, and when it happened I just gave up and never posted.

So any way.......

I think your instructions are great. The blurriness is a bit irritating on the eyes but nevermind
Thanks, there will be replacement pics for the blurry ones before releasing the finale version

One final quick question: The retaining clip on the bellcrank pin. Since the pin is now metal and hard, will this clip stay in place well enough? Or will you be machining in some notches or something?
I've tried the same used clip on 2 different DISA's with the aluminum bellcrank and it held tight on both, even after being pried off several times. The natural position of the crank is where it rests in the clipped position. I've tried cycling the unit a bunch of times with no clip and it never tries to move off the end of the pin. In fact, if I pull the lever out toward the end of the pin, when I cycle the unit the crank moves toward its natural rest position. I will hopefully be providing a new clip in the kit to cover Murphy's law.

Update on the 2.5L version. The bad news is after looking at pictures of DISA's for sale on ebay, it is clear that the flapper is shaped differently on each version.

The good news is that Chisum has sent me a 2.5L version that should be in my hands on Thursday. Hopefully the flapper is in good enough shape to get good dimensions off from it. Once I have dimensions I should be able to have both versions ready by the time that the custom titanium hardware comes in.

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