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I have had this exact issue on my 2011 750 Li. At exactly the same speeds and also no vibration on the steering wheel but the entire car vibrates, you can feel it in the drivers seat and notice just as you said the passenger headrest moving. My wife hates riding in the passenger seat for this reason. I have had this tested extensively by BMW and their engineers and they all stated it is normal. Some cars are worse that others. I have summer and winter tires and wheels and it does it with both sets (but they are all run flats). I also had a 2009 750 Li that did the same thing and also loaners 5 series that i witnessed the same vibration in (though not as bad). I was told by the engineers that a BMW is meant to feel the road and that is what you are experiencing. Even though the road looks smooth supposedly there are imperfections that the car is picking up. I am convinced it is an issue with these and may have to do with the run flats. I actually had my 2009 returned for this issue and now the 2011 has the same issue. Go figure. Good luck.
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