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Hi again, I have called all three dlrs in my area (all at least an hour away from me) and none of them have heard of this issue. They all gave me the usual "bring it in and we'll run a diagnostic, and see if we can duplicate the problem". I don't know if it's because I am a chick, or what, but service guys never believe me when I tell them what is wrong with my car, and how to fix it. I find it hard to believe that I am the only person in this cold state that has this issue with the car! That is my frustrated rant . . . sorry.

As far as a battery maintainer, do you mean a battery charger unit? I had bought one this last week that had a 3 setting/jump start options, and the charger although seeming to be working, didn't get my car started with either the jump start setting, or the 20 amp fast charge. Am I doing something wrong with this? or did I get a bum charger? Your help is greatly appreciated - at least I don't feel like a complete crazy person - you have at least dealt with my issue! :-)
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