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The two sockets arrived today. I installed just the right one first, and I think Bcube's far fetched memory > my research. The code disappeared. I went ahead and put the other one in too, why not. For anyone in the future who finds this by search, have no fear, this is the easiest thing ever, much much much easier than you would imagine. I think the entire swap could be done in 10 seconds with a little practice. Yes, THAT easy.

The replacement right (outer) socket is on the left. I think the build date said something around late 2010 on it.

To install, all you do is remove the cover/liner over the battery, and it's all exposed. That plug's tab really can be a bit of a pain to successfully depress enough for removal. The white tab in the middle right of the panel is what secures it all, and all you do is depress to release. The only word of warning is to check that it's snug after installing, by simply pulling. The last time I fiddled with it, I failed to so, and well, with about 100 miles driven, everything was fine (the socket didn't fall down). It was only tonight when pulling out the old one that I realized it, after it just came out with no effort. After reinstalling the left side, I confirmed that this is something to double check because there is no "click"; the only real confirmation I could get for myself is to simply tug on it.

Ok the below has nothing to do with the known issue above, for the outer sockets made before 1/21/08. But, I figure I might as well share a couple pics I took when trying to clean every contact in sight for all taillights.

This is what it looks like when you remove the 10 clips for the trunk lid liner. You'll see 8 immediately, but if you're like me, you may get confused on where the other 2 are. They are recessed a bit, directly to the right and left of the emergency trunk pull. These 2 clips also happen to be more difficult to get out. So these inner socket panels are simply removed by the single nut you see there. That's it. Oh, perhaps the biggest PITA with getting it all back together is fitting/holding the liner snug to the lid, while simultaneously trying to fish that little emergency pull wire back through (not a terrible amount of slack to work with), and then fitting it back to the handle.

Anything I do for the first time on my BMW is pretty much the first time I do anything of this nature on any car. So don't look down too much on me for appreciating the design of these clips. You have it extended, push the tip through, then push the little tube in and it will secure. To remove, it's the opposite, pull the tube out, then the clip can be removed rather easily (except for those two I talked about earlier, at least with me doing it, at least on the first time).

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